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My Work/Projects

Pop ballons game

Pop The Balloons

This was the first time I fully built something from the ground up just using CSS and HTML.
It was a fun but very challenging game to build which is set at a night carnival, where you can pop some balloons for fun.

Simple exciting game where you get to pop some balloons on your way home.

Learn to dance

Learn to dance mzansi

This was an individual project. I have used EJS together with jQuery and Ajax as a front end tool to create a very slick looking web app that teaches you how to dance. Fully RESTful you can login and logout securely and upload videos that are kept in the database that I created from scratch using MongoDB and Express.

Lost and found pets cover

Lost & Found pets

This was a group project built to help pet owners to locate and find their lost pets. I did most of the styling for the whole app with advice from my team members using CSS and AngularJS.

A Web app that allows you to find your pet.

Play generator cover

Play-Gen Finder

This was an individual project, that helps users discover playlist's from other users in any area you are in and lets you follow their playlists built using React JS and Express as the backend, you will be able to login using Spotify and find music anywhere you are.

Freelance Work

Working across the entertainment industry in southern and eastern Africa, I created customised and fit-for-purpose websites to respond to the needs of a dedicated client base. Customers included art spaces, music projects, and radio stations.

Power project

CARE Canada Youth Product project

Using information probided by CARE, we developed a web-based report that is both engaging and rich in information, including hard data, statistics and analysis.The use of narrative and multimedia centred on the clients experiences.

Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space hosts over 50 artists, 37 studios, and several exhibition spaces, They offer regular programmes including training and workshops, art talks, and public events, such as screenings, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and public art fairs.


Jan 2018 - Jun 2018

Junior Web developer

DemoMedia provides a full range of digital design services from web through to print and online branding. As a web developer I worked to:
-Address bug issues on platform
-Code and program fixes on platform.
-Communicate with Demomeida clients and update all website/platforms made with Demomedia
-Update and fix marketing site for Demomedia.

Feb 2018 - Jul 2018  

Software Engineer

Eventogy is a simple, secure and scalable corporate conferences and events management platform. As a php web developer I worked to:
-Track and manage ticketing board system to fix any bugs with the platform.
-Programme and test new features asked from senior engineers.
-Create new themes/websites that are integrated within the Eventogy platform.
-Engaging with clients via phone and email with Support of platform.
-Routinely have security checks on software and platform.

Jul 2017 - Nov 2017  

Web developer
General Assembly

An intensive three-month full-time programme, teaching the fundamentals of
Web Development through practical application delivered by industry

In the three months, our responsibilities and assignments were to create code and deploy 4 web apps.

Apr 2015 - Apr 2016

Fuse Afrika
Director-Dar es Salaam

FuseAfrika project is an experimental fusion musical concept that challenges and questions ideas around culture, language, and upbringing by working collaboratively with people of different backgrounds and ideologies through art and music.
- Manage and engage with participants from two different countries, helping participants network and communicate constructively
- Design and maintain an interactive, glossy website, as well as all other social media platforms for online media presence
- Develop and edit media content for all social media platforms, including documentary film, photographs, and storylines

Mar 2015 - Apr 2016

Projects and events coordinator
Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space is a centre for visual and contemporary performing arts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is the leading contemporary artists' space in East Africa that provides a platform for artists through development, production, and entrepreneurship by providing training, exchange, and exhibition of contemporary arts locally, regionally, and beyond. I:
- Managed and supported staff in the running of the rehearsal spaces at Nafasi
- Supported Nafasi Art Space in ICT related work, including website development and management, social media monitoring, and IT consultancy
- Supported events run through Nafasi featuring the performance arts
- Assisted in managing +30 employees with the managing director.

A bit about myself

I’ve worked in the performing-arts sector over the years, from social media monitoring, coordinating live music events and curating visual art exhibitions in Southern and Eastern Africa mostly.

Travelling between countries and continents, I often used my laptop to create personal sites for musicians and artists. To create these portfolios, I was using website builders.

They were expensive to maintain and limited regarding the scale of creativity and customisation for myself and ultimately the client. This is why, I decided that I would like to build my own website from start to finish.

Due to the limited resources and technologies back home in South Africa, I then moved to London and joined GA. I fully immersed myself in the web development community to unlock my potential in the digital sphere.

After discovering the various paths in web development, I learn and admire the fact that you can work in teams as a developer (like joining a band again). Getting my feet wet in front-end development is where I would like to start my journey with the possibility to later on jump back into back-end development to become a well rounded full-stack developer.

Sibusiso Zwane.

Web Developer

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